Touchless Toilet Technology from Kohler

Amid the ever-growing assemblage of touchless water faucets, someone has finally pioneered a touchless toilet. This particular innovation belongs to leading manufacturer Kohler, whose Touchless Toilet Technology enables users to banish waste with a simple wave of the hand.

Kohler’s Touchless Flush Uses Emerging Sensing Technology


Different from traditional beam-based sensors, Kohler’s flush sensor projects an electromagnetic field, thus rendering response both more accurate and more reliable. Users simply wave their hands near the quarter-sized sensor, and the toilet intiaties a powerful flush.

Standard in Kohler’s New Cimarron Touchless Toilet, the hands-free technology is also available for easy retrofits: the Touchless Toilet Kit is a small module that attaches inside the tank—a rotating arm on the module links to the existing chain, replacing the traditional lever handle of the toilet and actuating the flush.


Users wishing to duplicate the sleek, modern look of Cimarron may remove the existing flush lever and install one of Kohler’s color-matched hole covers.

The technology offers yet another mode of protection in the continual combat against germs: “The Touchless flush is a great solution to this growing demand for increased hygiene in the bathroom, utilizing new technology to provide a touchless way to control the flush.”


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