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Customized Bathing

These digital controls take the guess work out of showering, allowing users to precisely set their preferred water temperature, flow rate and timings.

White Texture

Embossed textures, cut outs and white on white patterns bring subtle decoration to these understated washbasins and tubs.

Flexi Faucets

These extendable and rotatable faucet designs promote flexibility and adaptability for ease of use in the kitchen.

Touchless Toilet Technology from Kohler

Amid the ever-growing assemblage of touchless water faucets, someone has finally pioneered a touchless toilet. This particular innovation belongs to leading manufacturer Kohler, whose Touchless Toilet Technology enables users to banish waste with a simple wave of the hand.

Spa Experience

Incorporating light, sound and scent technologies, the daily shower can now be a completely immersive experience. Digitally controlled chromotherapy lighting, scent diffusers and mp3 players make these showers a place to escape, relax and recharge.

Cooking in Color: Kitchen Trend

Eschew everyday chrome and add unexpected accents of color to the kitchen with colorful faucets and sinks. 

Accesible Bathrooms: Product Highlight

For seniors, using the bathroom is not always a simple task. Just climbing in and out of the bath or operating a toilet flush can be challenging. In response, manufacturers are always developing new technologies to make things easier and to provide peace of mind to those living alone. Each of these super-smart fittings are designed […]

Art Deco Revival: Bathroom Trend

Referencing the opulent Art Deco era with their geometric shapes, streamlined forms and clean lines, these bathroom fixtures bring a little vintage glamour to the bathroom.

Tailored Vanities from Kohler

Kohler’s new Tailored Vanity Collection recognizes the importance of the bathroom space. Rightly remarking that people “start and end their day at the bathroom vanity,” Kohler has introduced a customizable solution that allows consumers to satisfy both aesthetic and functional needs.

Midas Touch

Whether applied to sleek modern designs or more ornate traditional fixtures and fittings,  accents of gold have been seen across the trade shows this year on various new bathroom product launches. A finish that is more commonly associated with the 80s and early 90s, gold is being used to add an element of contemporary luxury to […]

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