Brand Highlight: Laufen

Swiss company Laufen has been steeped in bathroom culture since its founding in 1892. Laufen’s portfolio of sanitary ware, bathtubs, furniture, faucets, and accessories “reflects a symbiosis of design, quality and functionality.” Combining exceptional manufacturing knowledge with practical elements such as water-saving features, Laufen products are best known for their high style, often achieved through collaborations with talented international designers.


In concert with Italian designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, Laufen’s Palomba Collection creates a formal language of strict geometry and organic shapes. Described by the designers as a “fingerprint of nature,” the Palomba Collection is diverse: pieces coordinate with one another without presenting a uniform style. New pieces include the award-winning Menhir washbasin, a column with a natural shape, and an exceptional bathtub with a dramatic back that cradles the bather within.


Taking advantage of Laufen’s SaphirKermaik material, the new Living Square bowls have delicate, thin-walled shapes and narrow radii. The addition of the mineral corundum strengthens the SaphirKermaik material, thus making edge radii of 1-2 mm technically feasible. The bright white color achieved by combining clay with the silicate raw material transforms Living Square washbasins into gleaming, sleek design objects. SaphirKermaik’s light weight also reduces raw material costs and energy consumption.


Laufen pro S is the new member of the popular Laufen pro series. Created by Swiss designer Peter Wirz, Laufen pro S is slim, light, and bold. With its clean edges and deep bowl, the washbasin is an elegant and functional piece that illustrates Wirz’s graceful redesign of the pro collection.

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