Tidy Tubs: Bathroom Trend

The trouble with many modern and minimalist bathroom concepts is that they overlook the sheer amount of products and accessories that accumulate in the bathroom. In magazine images, clean white surfaces are impossibly tidy with no trace of clutter. In reality, we need the surface space to store toiletries, the towels or even a little bathtime reading.

Satisfying our love of clean minimal design as well as fulfilling our need for storage space, these three functional bathtub designs make clever use of the often overlooked space around and under the tub.

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Designed by Benedini Associati for Agape, the Cartesio is a rectangular tub made in white Cristalplant® and available in freestanding, corner, inset or recessed configurations. The handy shelves are great for storing towels and toiletries or if you have any unsightly clutter, panels are available for hiding everything from view.

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Biblio is a smart line of rectangular white corian bathtubs by Italian brand Antonio Lupi. Available as free-standing, built-in and semi built-in, the collection is distinguished by its built-in open shelves. made in plywood, the shelves can be set at the front, right- or left-hand sides.

bathroom, trends, bath, tub, storage, shelving, Agape,

Designed by German industrial designer Michael Schmidt for Italian brand Falper, the Vascamisura bathtub can be customized with wooden components including an upholstered bench seat, drawers and storage shelving. The design is made in Cristalplant – an antifungal and 100% recyclable material.

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