Pilotis Kitchen by Artifex and Arpa Industriale

Kitchen manufacturer Artifex recently partnered with Arpa Industriale, a manufacturer of HPL panels whose revolutionary Fenix NTM nanotech material is instrumental to Pilotis–the new modular kitchen system that is light, stable, easy to assemble and even easier to break down.

Dual Components Make Pilotis Flexible and Versatile


Pilotis is a customizable kitchen vanity, cabinetry system, and sink that can be broken down into its constituent parts like an Erector Set. Constructed of an “endoskeleton” made of extruded aluminum and an “exoskeleton” of the aforementioned Fenix NTM, Pilotis offers “fast assembly and installation, dimensional adaptability, and a wide choice of features and coatings.”


The “endoskeleton” mentioned above refers to an internal scaffolding—if you will—upon which the “facade” of Fenix NTM can be hung. The easy interplay between the two enables fast alterations of dimensions, so the vanity is truly customizable to meet the user’s vision.


Fenix NTM is a nanotech matte material made of avant garde resins. The surface has inherently anti-bacterial properties, making it more hygienic than most kitchen surfaces and easy to clean. Further, its low-light reflectivity renders it soft and pleasant to touch. Perhaps best of all, it’s “self-healing”: “Fenix NTM regenerates itself since possible microscratches may be thermally healed.”

See Arpa Industriale for further information.

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