Monolithic Vessels: Bathroom Trend

Rock-shaped tubs and washbasins that appear to have been carved from rocks and boulders bring a raw and elemental feel to the bathroom space. A truly decadent design feature, monoliths are hollowed and carved-away to form striking bathroom vessels.


Rough on the outside and smooth on the inside, the Pebble Vessel washbasins by Stone Forest are carved from natural boulders. Because the designs are 100% natural, each washbasin has a unique appearance. All of the basins are 5″ high, but lengths vary from 17-22″, and widths vary from 13-17″.


Carved from a single block of  moonstone, the oval-shaped Arca tub by antoniolupi features a rough exterior that creates a tactile contrast with the polished sleek interior.


A more cost effective option comes from Villeroy & Boch, whose Pure Stone collection by Oliver Conrad Studio recreates the concept in porcelain. Available in four colors, the Pure Stone washbasin’s rounded form is inspired by pebbles that have been smoothed by the flow of river water.

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