Greywater Bathroom

The concept of ‘grey water’ continues to push designers to create ever-inventive bathroom fittings that make the most out of precious water.


Presented at this year’s New Designers graduate show in London, the Rethink Sink by Oliver Liddard makes use of a simple psychology and tipping mechanism. Once the sink is full, water is tipped out of the basin’s pouring lip into a bowl below – a simple action that serves as a visual reminder of how much water is being used. Nested into a fixed basin, the removable bowl has a built-in plug release giving users the option to take the greywater and re-use it elsewhere in the home or to release the plug, emptying the water into waste pipe below.


After you wash your hands in Zabor‘s S_basin ecological, the water is collected in a waste tank where it is later used to flush the toilet. As well as reusing the greywater, the design saves on material, pipes and space.


The ceramic Ponding washbasin  by Tae-jin Kim & Design Team-IIDEA is fitted with a bucket beneath the plug hole that collects the waste water. A filter gets rid of foreign substances and soap so that the greywater can be used again for watering plants, washing rags, cleaning and washing the car. When the bucket is full, water runs of  into a trap connected to the bottom of the bucket.


Roca’s L-shaped W+W toilet has a refill system that filters the basin’s greywater for reuse in the flush cistern- reducing water usage by up to 25%.


Designed by Jang Woo-Seok, the Eco-bath has a sink that is connected to the toilet via a water tank with two different compartments and two different flush handles. One for collecting greywater from the wash basin and another connected to the mains. When the greywater tank is full, the red LED turns green to indicate it’s ready to flush.


Caroma’s Profile Smart 305 Round Front Plus features an elongated tank that has a sink instead of a lid. The toilet is equipped with a high efficiency dual flush system which incorporates the sink for increased water and space saving. After flushing, fresh cold water is directed to the faucet for hand washing and is then drained into the tank to be used for the next flush.

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