Goccia Bath Tub and Basin by Marmorin

With an oversized and downturned rim that resembles a crisp white shirt collar, the sculptural Goccia bathtubs and basins are designed to make an impact in the bathroom. 


Meaning ‘drop’ in Italian, the Goccia bath tub is supported by a large folded rim that gives the design a sense of lightness.

The collection has been created by Marcin Konicki Design for Polish brand Marmorin. As well as an ergonomically designed freestanding tub, a matching countertop basin with the same sweeping asymmetrical design is also available.


To create the collection’s smooth surfaces, Maromin has used its hygienic, shock- and stain-resistant gelcoat®, which is a composite material made of finely ground dolomite stone mixed with a synthetic resin.


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