Future Forecasting: 2013 DuPont Corian and Zodiaq Color Introductions

Last week, Dupont Building Innovations announced its new DuPont Corian and Zodiaq colors for 2013. Taking cues from nature, the new palette is dominated by muted, earthy tones that evoke the colors found in the earth, sea and sky.

There are twelve new colors in total, nine new additions to the DuPont Corian solid surface line and three new additions to the DuPont Zodiaq quartz surface collection.

To help select the new shades, DuPont Building Innovations worked with London-based trend agency Global Color Research who put together a color forecast comprised of three key trends. The agency’s researchers have found that today’s consumers are seeking reassurance from the chaotic world around them and are craving authenticity and integrity in their design purchases.

DuPont Corian's 2013 Color Trends

With this in mind, the three key trends are named as Solidify, Interference and Raw. Each one has been created to be both welcoming and beautiful in order to reflect and appeal to today’s consumers.

Solidify is a moody palette of misty grays and translucent tones inspired by the soft opulence of ice crystals and intricate patterns found in frosted surfaces.

The Interference palette is slightly warmer and features sparkling metallic surfaces. Semiprecious stones and glitter speckles provide a subtle shimmer while irregular hammered copper, mica-covered granite and rose-toned marble add warmth.

The third and final trend is Raw, which is described as honest luxury. To create this effect, handcrafted and natural elements are combined with polished optic-tinted whites and pearl effects.

DuPont Corian's 2013 Color Trends

DuPont Corian's 2013 Color Trends

DuPont Corian's 2013 Color Trends

Speaking about the development of the new colors, Elizabeth J. Lawson, strategic project manager at DuPont Building Innovations said, “As we developed these new colors, our priority was to help architects and designers understand what their customers will be looking for today and in the years to come. We’re rigorous in our pursuit of bringing the most powerful and inspiring trends to life for the commercial and residential marketplaces.”

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