Clean and Green: Grohe Launch the Powerbox

Launched earlier this year, the Grohe Powerbox is a new compact power plant for faucets that converts the energy of  flowing water into electric energy.



The latest addition to Grohe’s range of green and sustainable products, the Powerbox enables Grohe’s electronic faucets to work independently of mains electricity.

Installed below the washbasin, the Powerbox’s turbine harvests energy created by water flow, converts it into electric energy and then stores it for the operation of the infrared electronics. A mere 60 seconds of generator operation deliver enough energy to power the faucet’s electronics for 24 hours – the total storage volume amounts to up to 100 hours.


At the same time, touch-free control affords maximum hygiene during use, making this the ideal solution for public sanitary facilities, which are highly frequented or subject to frequent power failures.

The thermal disinfection mode, in which hot water flows through the faucet, affords additional protection against germs. In normal operation, the water flow can be programmed such that it either stops after a given time or flows until the user leaves the sensor’s reach. To clean the faucet and the washbasin, cleaning staff can manually disable the infrared electronics in order to prevent water from running unnecessarily while detergents are left to take effect.


As water is delivered (5.7 l/min) only as actually required, the faucet consumes very little energy and there is no waste. Operators can choose from among seven possible pre-settings to match the functions of the faucet precisely to their needs. This includes automatic flushing every 24 or 72 hours to prevent the stagnant water.


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