Blanco Goes Green

Blanco USA is constantly striving to develop sustainable products while also improving upon efficiency. 

Blanco Meridian

Blanco’s water-saving faucets reduce kitchen water consumption by 20% – adding to the conservation of the earth’s small drinkable supply.

Blanco Sonoma

Blanco’s latest water saving models, the Meridian Semi-Professional and the Blanco Sonoma, now save even more water – the Blanco Meridian Semi-Professional is now available in a 1.5 GPM water saving model, which saves 30% more water than standard flow faucets, while the Blanco Sonoma 1.5 GPM saves 30% more water.

Blanco Solon Composter System

In order to prevent food ending up in landfills where it breaks down to produce methane, a damaging greenhouse gas, Blanco have introduced the Blanco Solon composter. Crafted from recycled stainless steel and discreetly hidden beneath the kitchen countertop, the Blanco Solon Compost System makes composting easy. Organic waste is cleared away below the countertop and a sealed lid keeps odors locked in

Blanco Silgranit_1

Blanco Silgranit sinks are ultra-cleanable and do not require the use of chemical cleaners for everday cleaning, reducing the amount of chemicals that return into water supply and keeping the kitchen clean the natural way.


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