Beautiful Bathroom Collection: Academy by Oasis

If you’ve ever dreamed of immersing yourself in the bygone environs of a 1920s luxury hotel suite (I’m talking the unique brand of decadence favored by the likes of Al Capone), then you might check out the latest wares offered by Italy’s Oasis Group. The Academy Bathroom Collection hearkens back to the best of that roaring decade.

Resplendent Surfaces of Marble, Glass, and Gold


Oasis describes this luxury collection as “classic and decorative, with a timeless beauty and sophisticated flair.” I describe it as flat-out stunning. Academy is truly for connoisseurs of chic: vanities, WCs, bidets, mirrors, showers and tubs, scintillatingly surfaced all, with options in lacquer (38), marble (10), and glass (38).


Like everything Oasis makes, Academy is handcrafted in Italy. Also, Oasis offers these luxury wares alongside a bevy of matching bathroom accessories: poufs and benches, bronzed and smoked wall mirrors, wall lights, storage units, and towel holders—“delicately matched in texture and colour as if in a masterful film set choreography.”


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