Wonderful Waste: Blanco Introduces the Blancoselect

The task of managing and recycling household waste requires organization and space. That’s why German brand Blanco have come up with a design to make this everyday kitchen chore easier.

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Blancoselect is a modern and highly functional waste system that can be seamlessly integrated into the kitchen. Sitting neatly below the kitchen sink, the system is accessed using a foot-operated mechanism that can be fitted to the front of any pull-out element and is particularly helpful when hands are full of messy waste.

Blanco America, waste disposal, Blancoselect, waste system, kitchen,

Made of metal and high-quality plastic, the solid system has a narrow frame and clever separation elements that were built for optimum space utilization. Available in a range of different configurations, all options offer an impressive bucket volume of 49 litres and operate on a durable rail system that guarantees a light and quiet operation.

Chamfered handles are integrated into the rim of the bucket, which in turn fits flush with the frame – a seamless design which cleverly eradicates the problem of messy crumbs and residue. In addition the waste system is equipped with an easy-to-clean, removable cover made of coated metal.

Blanco America, waste disposal, Blancoselect, waste system, kitchen,

For additional convenience, the Blacncoselect can be specified with a combined organiser drawer that glides out on stable guide rails. The drawer is equipped with two small multipurpose boxes and a large box for utensils in the base unit. The boxes can be used individually and are dishwasher-safe. Depending on the location of the outflow fitting, they can be repositioned and are suitable for suspending over the compost bucket.

Available in conjunction with size 45, 50 and 60 base units, the Blancoselect can be easily installed under all Blanco sinks.

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