Villeroy & Boch Offers The Latest In Bidet Technology With The ViClean-U+

As an addition to the existing ViClean series, the ViClean-U+ showcases Villeroy & Boch’s latest innovation in bidet technology.


The new electronic bidet seat offers a range of different functions concealed in a compact unit, which can be fitted to existing toilets using concealed supply connections.


Using ‘balloon-jet’ technology, the ViClean-U+ produces a gentle water jet from its discreet, AntiBac®-coated, water nozzle. It also offers automatic opening and closing, temperature-regulated air for quick drying, a five-level heated seat and automatic odour extraction. Options for individual users can be stored at the push of a button on the accompanying remote control.

With conventional bidets consuming around 500-3000 ml/min, the ViClean-U+ uses less energy and water at 270-430 ml/min thanks to the instant water heater only warming the amount of water required.

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