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Pattern and Texture

Bathroom furniture and fittings with subtle patterns and textures add interest to otherwise banal bathroom spaces.

K7 by Grohe

Designed with cooking enthusiasts and amateur chefs in mind, Grohe‘s K7 is a flexible hard-working kitchen faucet with professional looks and professional-level features.

AFNY, The Best Bathroom

Bennett Friedman, Principal of AFNY, on the science of creating the best and most beautiful bathroom.

AFNY, A Clean Quality

Bennett Friedman, Principal of AFNY, discusses what bathroom product he’d bring with him on a deserted island.

White Texture

Embossed textures, cut outs and white on white patterns bring subtle decoration to these understated washbasins and tubs.

Dune Collection by Caroline Beaupere for AF New York

Sensuous and serene, the Dune sanitaryware Collection by French interior designer Caroline Beaupere is the first in a series of select launches from AF New York that are scheduled for 2014.

AFNY, The Perfect Flush

Bennett Friedman, Principal of AFNY, on how one wrong flush could lead to an off day.

AFNY, Showering Rituals

Bennett Friedman, Principal of AFNY, on showering routines and which is more important: a good shower head or the right water pressure.

AFNY, The Heart of the Bathroom

Bennett Friedman, Principal of AFNY, on why the shower is the most important part of every bathroom.

AFNY, The Perfect Bathroom Experience

Bennett Friedman, Principal of AFNY, discusses what turns a normal bathroom into a sanctuary.

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