Supreme Clean: Rimless Washlets

The latest toilet designs have banished the traditional rim in favour of accurate powerful flushes and antimicrobial glazes that leave no where for dirt and deposits to hide.


As well as being easy to clean, Duravit‘s rimless wall-mounted WC saves water. Water is delivered to the bowl forcefully and systematically without splashing, ensuring that the entire inner surface is rinsed throughout the flushing process.



Laufen’s wall-mounted Pro Rimless WC has no rim making it incredibly easy to clean. A powerful flushing system ensures that high levels of hygiene are maintained in both the 6/3-litre version and the compact 4.5/3 litre version. Amplifying its hygiene capabilities, the design is supplemented by the dirt-repelling characteristics of Laufen’s optional surface treatment, Laufen Clean Coat (LCC).


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Boasting outstanding hygiene, the attractivley-priced Toto CF Washlet‘s Tornado Flush produces a circulating whirlpool of water which creates a slight pull downwards. This keeps any mistor spray from escaping from the toilet bowl and contaminating the surrounding areas with pathogens. Meanwhile, the smooth CeFiONtect glaze and rimless bowl design prevent dirt and bacteria from accumulating on the ceramic surface.

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