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Incorporating light, sound and scent technologies, the daily shower can now be a completely immersive experience. Digitally controlled chromotherapy lighting, scent diffusers and mp3 players make these showers a place to escape, relax and recharge.


Up to six shower heads can be controlled via a wall-mounted digital display panel as part of Kohler’s DTV home spa experience.


The RainSky E ceiling panel from Dornbracht surrounds you with water, mist, light and fragrance for a complete sensory shower experience. Designed by German studio Sieger Design, the panel automatically synchronizes the rain curtain, head and body sprays, mist spray, colored light and fragrance to produce a specific ambience.


Recently launched by Italian manufacturer Kos, the Loop shower stall by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba can be specified with a turkish bath, dorsal massage jets, a foldaway shower seat, shower head with cascade jet, aromatic essence/aromatherapy dispenser, Idrocolore® chromotherapy system and an mp3 shower radio. Everything is controlled via a capacitive all-function control keypad.


Users of ThermaSol‘s steam showers can use their smartphones or tablet devices to control everything from temperature to generator maintenance via a specially designed Mobile App called Solitude. Mitch Altman, CEO of ThermaSol says, “The Solitude Mobile Application takes our systems to the next level by allowing users to control every facet of their steam shower (temperature, light, music, maintenance and more) via a cell phone or tablet device from anywhere within their home’s WiFi range. ”


Lighting, sound and aromatherapy combine in the Vedana therapeutic unit from BainUltra to create a holistic relaxation experience.

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