Samuel Heath Debuts Additions to Style Moderne and Fairfield Collections

UK-based fittings manufacturer Samuel Heath has added to their Style Moderne and Fairfield Faucet Collections with several additions for summer: two new bronze finishes, a single lever faucet, and an option in hand polished glass.

Style Moderne Evolves Into Style Moderne Luxe


The original Style Moderne collection hearkens back to the age of Art Deco, with its “straight lines, rectilinear forms and geometric shapes.”

The new Style Moderne Luxe additions embrace this theme while adding touches of high style—beautiful polished glass recalls the fluidity of water, and the Single Lever Faucet provides architectural versatility and functional ease.


Borrowing from the age of Arts and Crafts, the original Fairfield Collection offers a contained incarnation of adornment.

The new bronze finishes take their cues from this style. Distinguished by flowing lines, an elongated silhouette, and a geometrical precision, the Fairfield Collection additions synthesize the hallmarks of an earlier era with a contemporary sensibility.


In addition to the new finishes, single lever faucet, and polished glass handles, Samuel Heath is also debuting matching soap dispensers, tumblers, and shelves—completing a collection marked by “Quality and craftsmanship plus unique transitional styling… making Samuel Heath products accessible to any environment.”

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