Pipe Dreams: Bathroom Trend

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of sources – from Japanese gardens to damaged industrial pipework – these simple but sensual bathroom fittings take the bathing experience back to basics. 

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IB Rubinetterie’s Onlyone collection of mixers designed by Lorenzo Damiani are composed of simple circular chrome pipes that are bent downwards at 45 degree angles. Comprising faucets, tub fillers and shower heads, the OnlyOne’s angled design allows the water to dramatically cascade from the spout. Water temperature and flow is all controlled by simply touching the spout, which can also be tilted from the base to adjust the angle.

faucet, bent pipes, shower head, bathroom collection, trend, 

With a simple design inspired by the calming bamboo reed water features found in Japanese gardens, the Ryohan sensor faucet is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. Triggered by pulsating infrared light, the Ryohan faucet records its own daily usage for a full week; then, during periods of infrequent use, it automatically reduces its infrared pulse frequency to conserve electricity.

faucet, bent pipes, shower head, bathroom collection, trend,

Inspired by bent chrome pipes, Lorenzo Damiani has created the Fold faucet for Italian brand Flamina. Taking what would ordinarily be considered a design defect, Damiani transforms the mechanically bent chrome pipe into a distinctive line of luxury faucet and bathroom accessory designs.

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