Metrio by Stone Forest

In recent years we have seen how design is becoming increasingly modular and adaptable, with lighting and furniture that can be adapted to fit every environment from small to large. The Metrio by Stone Forest brings the same concept to the bathroom space. 


Inspired by the company’s award winning modular Sync System that was launched in 2008, the Metrio is a new modular design that features hand carved, solid stone basins and counter slabs that can be installed in a variety of floating and wall-mounted configurations or semi-recessed into the countertop.

Metrio-by-Stone-Forest_2-300x200 copy

The design is offered in black granite or amber onyx.

Metrio-by-Stone-Forest_1-300x200 copy

While the honed surfaces of the black granite Metrio basins have a matte finish the interior bowl is highly-polished to create a subtle textural contrast.

Metrio-by-Stone-Forest_5-300x200 copy

The underside of the semi-recessed designs made in amber onyx slab are particularly thin so as to create maximum translucency when lit from beneath with an LED tape light. The result is a basin with a welcoming warm amber glow.


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