It’s Sedimentary: Sandstone Sinks and Bathtubs by Stone Forest

Stone Forest owner Michael Zimber travels the world to find the finest sandstone. A sedimentary rock, sandstone features spots, freckles, eyes, and striations in an array of earth tones—golds, browns, reds, and grays. Much softer than granite or marble, sandstone is relatively easy to work with, enabling the material to be sculpted into artistic forms. Stone Forest offers multiple vessel sinks and one dramatic soaking tub in sandstone.

 Luxurious Sandstone Bathroom Fixtures


Sandstone vessel sinks include Moso, Cono, and River Pebble—all offering dynamic shapes. Moso is a rectangular wonder whose straight lines contrast nicely with the sandstone’s curvy striations. Cono is a cone-shaped bowl that tapers beautifully. And River Pebble is an organic sink shaped like smooth underwater stones. All vessel sinks offer the unique look and texture of sandstone, which brings to mind desert dunes. For an eye-catching soaking tub, Papillon Bathtub in sandstone can’t be beat, with its ovoid form resembling a hatched egg.



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