Hands-Free Faucets: Kitchen Trend

Hands-free faucets, first introduced to the bathroom sector, are now prooving to be particularly successful in the kitchen setting where hands are often full trying to perform multiple and messy tasks. A simple wave of the hand can now operate the flow of water, allowing you to complete the task without even touching the faucet.


Hands-free faucets, kitchen, Moen

In addition to being convenient, a hands-free function also helps to reduce the spread of germs and mess, making them perfect for public environments as well as the domestic sphere.

Introduced last year, Moen’s MotionSense faucet features an infrared sensor that activates water flow when a hand or another object is placed under the faucet. When operating in sensor mode, the temperature is preset and the water automatically shuts off after 2 minutes.

Hands-free faucets, kitchen, Kohler

The new Sensate kitchen faucet from Kohler features a state-of-the-art sensor that responds in 20 milliseconds to provide a reliable on/off operation. The sensor is strategically placed on the underside of the spout, to make use both precise and intuitive – simply wave a hand, cup, pan or kitchen utensil through the activation area to start or halt the waterflow.

Hands-free faucets, kitchen, Sloan

Sloan’s SF-Series electronic pedestal faucet is operated by (4) AA-size batteries, which it estimates will provide around 2 years of use. The pared back, contemporary design is available in Centerset, pedestal or gooseneck styles.

Hands-free faucets, kitchen, Toto

For those eager to find a sensor faucet with good green credentials, then Toto‘s Helix EcoPower Self-Generating Hydropower Sensor Faucet is the faucet for you. This is the first sensor faucet that generates its own hydro-power supply. When water passes through the faucet’s small internal turbine it generates enough electricity to power the sensor, making it completely self-sufficient.

Hands-free faucets, kitchen, American Standard,

American Standard’s Ceratronic Temp Control Faucet takes the technology one step further by allowing users to control the water temperature handsfree. Putting a hand near the red (hot) or blue (cold) LEDs embedded in the polished chrome spout will alter the temperature accordingly.

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