Closer by Diego Grandi for Zuchetti

Previewed at the Salone del Mobile, the new ‘Closer’ shower head by Diego Grandi for Zuchetti looks like an articulated wall lamp.

Zucchetti_CLOSER-06-7 copy

“Movement was an essential concept for me right from the start, to the extent that I always imagined this piece set in the centre of the room, so that the whole environment becomes ‘the water’s space’, not just a certain part of it,” explains Grandi.

Zucchetti_CLOSER-06-8 copy

Designed to be adjusted and extended simply and intuitively, the Closer shower head has three joints and a cylindrical counterweight that ensures that it is stable in any position and at any height.

“My aim”, says Grandi, “was to create an item with a broad range of uses and with almost total flexibility. The concept is simple; the name comes both from your movement towards the water, and from the water that follows you”.

Zucchetti_CLOSER_composit_9 copy

Closer is currently available in a black finish and in chrome with a colored version under consideration.

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