Axor Universal accessories

Axor‘s new line of universally and individually applicable accessories, designed by the kitchen and bathroom brand’s longterm collaborator Antonio Citterio, are intended to fit seamlessly into a wide variety of bathroom spaces.


Comprising 12 pieces – including a swiveling towel rack, a soap dish and liquid soap dispenser, a wall-mounted toilet brush, tooth brush tumbler and holder – the collection straddles both the bathroom and the kitchen space with the shelves, towel racks and a soap dispenser equally at home in both spaces.


With soft shapes and sleek lines crafted in high-quality materials  including chrome-plated metal, mirror glass or white-colored glass – the pieces are both easy-to-clean and durable.


When designing the line, Citterio took care to make sure the products could be used with all of the various existing Axor collections with a subtle design that blends into the background.


Thoughtful design details such as the flat glass lid of the liquid soap dispenser that provides extra shelf space make the bathroom or kitchen space more efficient.


The pieces can be used as individual solutions or combined with one another, for instance the railings can either be used as a towel rack or can serve as an elegant shelf for other accessories such as a tooth brush tumbler or soap dish.







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