Joseph Starr

Joseph has been an English teacher, Spanish translator, no-nonsense bartender, cantankerous bus driver, and failed carpenter. He enjoys sitting, reclining, and using home appliances, all of which give him great authority as a product reviewer for 3rings.

Clean and Green: Grohe Launch the Powerbox

November 28, 2012

Launched earlier this year, the Grohe Powerbox is a new compact power plant for faucets that converts the energy of  flowing water into electric energy. Continue Reading

Marvelous Marble: Bathroom Trend

November 28, 2012

More popular than ever before, marble is a material that effortlessly brings luxury and prestige to the interior.¬†As a construction material, it’s perfect for modern bathroom designs due to its clean and sculptural aesthetic as well as it’s durability and anti-bacterial properties. Here we highlight 5 elegant washbasin designs made using this natural and beautiful […] Continue Reading

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