Antonio Lupi’s Exelen Bathroom System

With its Exelen line of bathroom furnishings by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Italian bathroom brand Antonio Lupi wanted to create an flexible line of bathroom fittings and furniture. The idea being that the collection’s washbasins, bathtubs, showers, mirrors, and horizontal and vertical cupboards can be arranged into a variety of compositions to suit any bathroom space.


The design is characterized by soft shapes, curved connected volumes, and sunken elements that work well separately and together.


The designers explain: “With Antonio Lupi we are proposing a kind of revolution, similar to the one that took place in kitchens forty years ago. We should no longer think of the bathroom as a series of individual elements but modules that are joined together, intersecting and blending, creating new scenarios and new proportions for the bathroom environment “.



One of this system’s most innovative solutions is the ‘corner version’, an integrated bath tub, storage unit and countertop in one seamless element without joints.


Available in two depths (40 and 54 cm) and heights from 25 to 50 cm, Exelen is also suitable for smaller bathrooms, offering cupboards that can be placed horizontally or vertically above the bathtub to maximize on available space.

Finishes available include  lacquered or natural oak, natural or colored mirrors, retro- varnished glass, resin and light marble.

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