Accesible Bathrooms: Product Highlight

For seniors, using the bathroom is not always a simple task. Just climbing in and out of the bath or operating a toilet flush can be challenging. In response, manufacturers are always developing new technologies to make things easier and to provide peace of mind to those living alone. Each of these super-smart fittings are designed to make the bathroom a more accessible, comfortable, relaxing and altogether safer environment to spend time in.

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Kohler‘s Nightlight toilet seat lights up, allowing you to safely locate the toilet in the dark. Perfect for kids, seniors, or anyone who needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, the Nightlight toilet seats are held in place by unique, grip-tight bumpers that prevent shifting, while two battery-powered LED light displays illuminate the toilet with a soft blue glow – a guiding light when the lid is down and task light when the lid is lifted.

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Boasting the lowest entry barrier of any walk-in tub, American Standard’s Walk-In Tubs feature therapeutic whirlpool jets that allow users to create a health spa experience at home. Other functional features include nonslip floors and the Minute Drain™ – a powerful user operated pump that drains tubs 8 times faster than a standard drain.

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The technologically advanced Toto S400 washlet gives users complete freedom with its hands-free flushing and an automatic open and close lid that is activated to lift as you approach and lower as you walk away. The lid is also heated and equipped with SoftClose® and anti-bacterial technologies. All features can be controlled via a wireless remote control with a large LCD panel.


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